FNP Felting Needle Punch by Ashford

- safely store 5 needles
- high quality carbon steel
- affordable

Needle felting is easy and quick with endless possibilities to create beautiful and unique flat and 3-D art forms. This form of dry felting just needs fibre and felting needles. The needles are made from high quality carbon steel.
The punch is made from Silver Beech hard wood and has a turned comfortable hollow handle.


Needle felting punch with 5 needles - gauge medium 36

Price: $33.50
FN Felting Needles by Ashford

Felting Needles.  Single needles available in:

  • Gauge 40 - Fine - for delicate, fine detailed work.
  • Gauge 38 - Medium - general all purpose needle.
  • Gaure 36 - Coarse - the largest shaft for fast felting.
Price: $2.50
Needle Felting Pen by Clover

The Pen Style Needle Felting Tool allows application of small or delicate materials using one, two, or three needles.  The handle offers ease of use because of the "Pen Style" grip action. Easy replacement of thick and thin needles. Gauge 40.

Price: $23.50