Double-Ended Stitch Holder by Clover

These wonderfully easy to use Clover stitch holders open at both ends, so you can take the stitches off in whichever direction you want. You can knit the stitches straight off the holder too, or even take the central pin out and use it as a cable needle. Suitable when working with knitting needles from size 3.75mm to 10mm.

The stitch holders come in a packet of 2 and are available in 4 different lengths.

Price: $8.50
031128 Metal Stitch Holder Large by Birch

Handy metal stitch holder in Large 17cm

Price: $3.20
031129 Metal Stitch Holder Medium by Birch

Handy metal stitch holder in Medium 11cm.

Price: $3.10
Metal Stitch Holder Small

Handy metal stitch holder in Small 8cm.

Price: $2.30
Stitch Holder Basic

Basic stitch holder 13cm

Price: $2.30
006314 Stitch Holders Set of 3 by Birch

Set of 3 hold anodised Stitch Holders.

Sizes:  75mm, 120mm and 170mm

Price: $3.95