Amber Big Zipper Pouch by Knit Pro
  • Vibrant hand block printed canvas fabric bags to accentuate cultural diversity of India
  • Similar to the regular Zipper pouches, these colorful handy pouches have a clear front that allows you to see what is inside.
  • Now you can look from the outside as you search and be able to find things in a hurry!
  • Versatile, practical, and still eye-catching
  • Available in three sizes to choose from
  • Easy wash ability

Size:  24cm x 16cm

Price: $18.00
12081 Interchangeable Needle Case by Knit Pro

The "Greenery" needle case for your interchange needle tips.

Extra storage, a zippered pocket for your cords and notions.  

Price: $25.00
050117 Knitting Needle Box

Long rectangular storage tube/box to hold straight needles. Light weight, easy to use and holds all your needles in one place!  Available in a range of colours.

Measures 41cm x 3.5cm x 6.5cm. 

Colours are chosen at random. If you would like a particular colour, please request in comments, however we cannot guarantee your request.

Price: $6.00
010968 Knitting Tote Medium by Birch

Ideal storage to keep yarn or crochet projects in. This bag has additional pockets for extra storage. 

Size: 35 x 13 x 29cm

Price: $30.00
010967 Knitting Tote Small by Birch

The best choice for on-the-go yarn storage. With outside pockets, finding space won't be an issue with this tote. This bag has holes on the top to dispense the yarn, avoiding tangles and to keep the yarn clean.

Size: 26 x 13 x 26cm

Price: $30.00
Reverie Triads Zipper by Knit Pro
  • Vibrant hand block printed canvas fabric bags to accentuate cultural diversity of India
  • Regular Zipper pouches to store all the important things
  • Allows you to store lot of notions or a very small project
  • The pleated bottom gives room for more storage
  • Fulfills all your storage requirements

Size:  24cm x 16cm

Price: $21.00
10771 Set of 3 DPN Tubes by Knit Pro

DPN Tubes are the perfect solution to protect your double pointed needles and your knitting project.

They are ideal to store DPNs of all sizes as the tubes move up and down enabling storage of short and long needles.

Price: $14.00
Stitch Marker Pouches by Knit Pro

These cute little pouches keep your stitch markers safe and sound in one place.  Available in a variety of fabric prints.

Click on main picture for fabric options.

Price: $9.50