ADCF30 Drum Carder Wide by Ashford
ADCF30 Drum Carder Wide

Price: $889.00

Drum Carder Wide

- 30cm (12ins) width
- Produces a massive 100gm (4oz) batt
- It has a packer brush and cleaning
- brush as standard
- 2 speeds - 4:1 and 6:1
- Includes doffer and clamps
- Assembled and lacquered
- Adjustable drum clearance
- Available only with 72 PPSI cloth
- Weighs 8.4kg (18┬Żlbs)
- Cards up to 100gm fibre

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not hold stock of this item but will order immediately. HOWEVER, plese be aware Ashford are currently stating this product will not be available till June 22. 

: New Zealand
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